Welcome to my new adventure blog!

I have been thinking for some time about setting up a blog to record our travels, particularly since we are now living in America. Andrew (my husband) and I relocated to northern Texas in April of 2013 for a 12 month contract with his work. We immediately noticed how different things are here to home in Australia. So I started taking note and compiling my observations in the form of a ‘report’ which I composed in the form of a PDF newsletter and then shared with family and friends via email. You can find newsletters I created previously in the “Previous Newsletters” link at the top of this page. These record our adventures of the places we have visited before setting up this website. Make sure you take a look.

This is something I really enjoy doing, so I thought I would take a leap of faith and start a blog about our travels, adventures and experiences. I do hope you enjoy it.

Texas Road Marker

Texas Road Marker

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