Snow Day

Today was a snow day – lots of snow falling most of the day. It creates such a serene atmosphere – the world is quiet – amazing how snow can do that – impose silence into an otherwise busy world. It was lovely to watch the light snow gently falling and slowly laying down a white blanket over everything.

We really don’t get too much snow in Australia and none where we live in Newcastle – it’s a cold day if it slips below double digits (in Celsius – thats below 50 Fahrenheit). So snow is still a bit of a novelty for me; I like it. Even though it’s cold and some would say, dreary, it can still make me smile. Today was the 2nd time it had snowed this week, but we had some terrible ice and sleet earlier and that is not so good. As a result there haven’t been too many people getting out and about and few people on the roads (still, quite a few accidents though) and it was the forth day this week that there were school closures in place (the kids have to make up missed school days during their “Spring Break”).

View from our balcony at home

View from our balcony at home


a snowie selfie!

a snowie selfie!


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