Looking Forward to Spring

Today is another miserable day here in Texoma (I think I have seen the sun once in the last 10 days) – it is wet and cold with more snow and ice predicted for tonight & tomorrow! I’m starting to look forward to Spring. Winter can be lovely, but it would now be nice to have a bit of sunshine and warmer weather. This weekend also marks the beginning of daylight saving here in the USA with Spring officially starting around March 20th.

Apparently the wildflowers of the Texas hill country are spectacular in Spring, particularly the Bluebonnets (state flower of Texas), so I am hopeful we can visit sometime around the end of March. Lady Bird Johnson (president Lyndon Johnson’s wife) had the highways of Texas seeded with wildflowers and was passionate about preserving America’s wildflowers and native plants, co-founding an organisation (now the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Tx) in 1982 for just that purpose. A weekend away enjoying the scenery (and the food & wine) wouldn’t be so bad right now!

Spring is also a great time to visit the Dallas Arboretum. We visited this wonderful 66-acre botanical garden last May – it was superb. If ever in Dallas, I would recommend a day here, it is beautiful. There are 19 different gardens for you to wander through, and if you like water features, there are quite a few water ways, fountains, lakes, etc for you to admire as well as some great sculpture pieces. The gardens are well set up and relatively easy to walk through with spots for a picnic if you desire, including an amphitheatre where concerts are sometimes held. There are also a number of places where you can buy something quick and easy to carry away and eat or a more formal restaurant dining experience where you can sit back and relax whilst someone waits on you.

Floral Peacock at Dallas Arboretum

Floral Peacock at Dallas Arboretum

Frog Fountain - Dallas Arboretum

Frog Fountain – Dallas Arboretum

water gardens

Water Gardens – Dallas Arboretum


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