A look at 19th Century Grayson County

On Saturday 4th April we paid a visit to the Grayson County Frontier Village, which is located by Loy Lake, off Hwy 75 (exit 67) in Denison. The village is a collection of 27 exhibits from around the local area that have been rescued and relocated to the site. It is great that local historical buildings and artefacts are actively being preserved for the future. The entry fee is only $3 per adult, with the proceeds going to the preservation of old Grayson County homes. There is also a museum and research center on site.

Having paid your admission fee, you are provided with a “Tour Guide” booklet which has a map and description of each of the exhibits, and a key that enables restricted access to 5 of the buildings within the grounds; you can open the front door and look into the roped off rooms that are displayed with artefacts of the time period.

Inside the Lankford House

Inside the Lankford House

The remaining buildings you can walk around and look though the windows and doors.

Church and Evans Carpenter Cabin

Church and Evans Carpenter Cabin

The Village is made up of 10 historic homes (all originally constructed between 1838 and 1866), and a collection of other buildings (some of which are replicas) that include a church, courthouse, country store, school, barbers & dentist shops, a saddle shop, newspaper office and a smokehouse.

Two of the more interesting buildings were:

  1. Bullock Bass House

    Bullock Bass House

    The Bullock/Bass house: Originally built in 1850 by Randolph Bullock and later sold to Col. T.C. Bass whose daughter Nettie was born in the house, lived there for 97 years and died in the same house. “The Nettie Bass House probably is the most historic in the county. It was the first house in the county to have glass windows. People came from miles around to see them in the early days with many traveling all day to get to Sherman, camping out at night the returning home another day”.*

    Bradley Bodkin Cabin

    Bradley Bodkin Cabin

  2. The Bradley/Bodkin Cabin: originally built in 1842 by Thomas Bradley who married twice and brought up 14 children in this 1 room cabin!

There is also a collection of farm implements, a blacksmiths shop and a couple of different types of wagons on display, including a jail wagon (essentially a steel cage on wheels) that was used to house up to 30 County Jail inmates overnight who were out working on the roads.

The Jail Wagon (originally had a wooden floor 1/2 way up the sides)

The Jail Wagon

I am glad we went, the village provides an insight into life in the area during the mid-late 1800’s and is worth a look.

If you are in Grayson County on April 25th, 2015 the Grayson County Frontier Village will be hosting a “Village Frontier Day” where you can step back in time and enjoy experiences of the 1800’s as well as craft demonstrations, music, and vendors to entertain you. Entry is $5 per adult; kids 7-12 are only $1.


Grayson County Frontier Village

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