Water, water everywhere!

Today we have seen a lot of rain again, with lots of lightening and thunder (enough to cause the floor to shake). The picture below was taken from our balcony; you can see we have a waterfall and dam forming and the drain is creating a mini whirlpool.

Our new water-feature outlook!

Our water-feature outlook!

We have also seen history made again this past week; Texoma Dam (for the very first time) has breached the spillway twice in the same year (within 4 weeks even) when it went over again last Friday. And it looks like it may just break another record yet, with the water level at Lake Texoma Dam possibly peaking on Monday.

There has already been so much flooding around our local area, destroying houses and roads, and it seems it just not ready to let up yet. Here’s a link to a YouTube clip of the local marina on Lake Texoma under water and a story by a local news station on the Spillway record.

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