4th of July post-script

About that pool party we were invited to…

Last Saturday night, July 4th, we went to a pool party at a friends place. The idea is everyone brings a plate to accompany the meat dish put on by our hosts (this week it was gourmet sausages on the BBQ) and we sit outside by the pool, eat, drink and afterwards watch a movie. Of course, there is also swimming in the pool at anytime (and I was in – the water was beautiful)!

I decided to take along a traditional Aussie dessert (a pavlova) and Americanised it!

My American Pavlova!

My American Pavlova!

This was the first time I had made a ‘pav’ that wasn’t circular and definitely the first time I decorated one red, white and blue in a stylised American flag! It seemed to be a hit and was well received; I did receive a few compliments.

All in all – it was a great night!

And the movie we watched? It was Independence Day – naturally! 🙂

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