Shopping! A tale of 2 very different shopping malls…

There are some great sales happening here at the moment! If you are a bargain hunter – now is the time to be shopping in the US. Read to the end to see my bargain buy!

This past week I went shopping to 2 very different shopping malls and I thought it was worth a blog post. On Thursday I took a drive down to Frisco (almost an hour away) to Stonebriar shopping mall. On Friday I went to a local mall 10 minutes away – the contrast between the two couldn’t be more different.

Stonebriar Center is classified as a mid-range shopping mall (I would equate it to a Westfield shopping centre in Australia) and hosts 6 major anchor stores (including Macy’s), a 24-screen movie theatre, a couple of restaurants (including the Cheesecake factory) as well as the other food court regulars and smaller retailers; in all 165 tenants. It’s a great shopping venue! I went to Stonebriar because I was after something particular that I knew the local stores wouldn’t have and only a larger retailer might carry.

The Carousel at Stonebriar

The Carousel at Stonebriar

I like Stonebriar; it’s light and fresh, has lots of stores that I could spend days looking through and it even has a merry-go-round to entertain the kids (as opposed to the ice-skating rink that Dallas Galleria has). It is probably just as well that it takes nearly an hour to get there or I would go more often and spend too much money!


On the other side of the coin is the local Midway Mall (so named because it is midway between Sherman and Denison). Midway Mall is a very sad place to shop – there are not many retailers and the décor has been left to deteriorate. I am sure it once was a great mall, and I really don’t understand its decline. Midway Mall is undercover and on one level, with plenty of parking and even has a movie theatre. There are more than 90 leasable holdings for retailers, yet I would guess less than 1/4 are occupied. There are never many people at Midway Mall and I would assume most people go there for one of the 3 main anchor stores; that was my reason for visiting – Dillards (for Aussie readers – think DJ’s).

An empty Midway Mall

An empty Midway Mall

Very few retailers at Midway Mall

Very few retailers at Midway Mall

This could be a great mall again; I would prefer shopping here – undercover in air-conditioned comfort with all the retailers in one spot, where I could easily browse the shops, stop for a snack, lunch or a coffee, etc. rather than going to the strip mall – Sherman Town Center (which led to the decline of Midway Mall) where the shops are spread over an enormous area (it measures ~1.3km in length), are all out-doors and I have to drive from one end to the other. It’s not any easy place to shop and I am less likely to hang around to browse or stop and have a coffee or bite to eat.

Anyway variety is the spice of life (even when it comes to shopping), so I appreciate what I have as well as what I can look forward to. I do hope that Midway Mall makes a recovery though!

P.S. Among my bargain purchases this week was a lovely Fossil leather wallet for $25! (It cost a bit more because it had a fancy pattern – the plain one was only $16!) 🙂

My new wallet!

My new wallet!

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