Yet another first – a visit to IKEA

Just following on from the shopping theme of my previous blog: another first for us today – it was the first time we have visited IKEA – ever (anywhere, USA or Australia). We went down to Frisco again today just to take a look at this store and see what all the fuss is about!

The kitchen sink!

The kitchen sink!

This store has EVERYTHING you could possibly need for your home. I didn’t realise that IKEA could provide pretty much anything for, not just decorating your home, but furnishing it (the bed – including sheets and pillows, the curtains, floor rugs, etc.), renovating it (from wardrobes to full kitchens, including the kitchen sink, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher) and to providing you with finishing touches such as indoor plants as well. This truly is a one-stop-shop for your home – there were plenty of people here – it was amazing!  We snaked our way around 2 floors of temptation, ideas and inspiration – you could spend hours here (and I’m sure many do)! And if you get hungry whilst working your way through the store there is a restaurant where you can refuel and rest before you continue on.

Ideas and inspiration

Ideas and inspiration

Laundry ideas

Laundry ideas

It’s just as well I couldn’t really buy anything (all the electrical appliances just won’t work in Australia and I really have no where to put furniture items, etc.) or I would probably have spent some money today. But it is a great place for ideas – I took plenty of photos for future reference for when we renovate or if I ever get to build my dream house!

I am pleased to say that, although tempted, I did not part with any money at IKEA today!  🙂

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