A visit to a Wildlife Refuge

HNWR_VCsign_01This past weekend we took in a visit to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge (HNWR). This is a local wildlife refuge that sits on an arm of Lake Texoma; we have been meaning to visit for some time. HNWR is usually open all year-round, however, due to our recent heavy, recording breaking rains which led to Denison Dam breaching it’s spillway twice, the park has been close for months due to flooding. It re-opened in a limited capacity on Saturday – all of the driving and walking trails are still closed as they are all still underwater, but at least we got to have a little look around the visitors center.

A road through HNWR cut by flood waters

A road through HNWR cut by flood waters

A newly emerged Monarch Butterfly

A newly emerged Monarch Butterfly

HNWR was established in 1946 and covers over 11,000 acres; it consists of farm fields, wetlands, prairie and forested areas, each having their own unique habitat for wildlife. The Refuge is primarily a haven for migratory birds (waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, songbirds and raptors), but also is home to other native wildlife including white-tailed deer, bobcats, river otters, badgers and gray fox. There are also more than 400 species of fish in the waters of HNWR. Fishing and hunting are allowed within the Refuge, but you can also enjoy butterfly and bird watching, hiking, picnicking and there are plenty of opportunities for some great photography.

While we were there I saw my first hummingbird in the wild – they are smaller than I thought they would be and I managed to get a couple of photos, which was great for me.

A Hummingbird (and grasshopper)

This year I have been doing an on-line 52-week photo challenge photography course and the challenge last week was to capture a silhouette. What do you think of my hummingbird silhouette (notice also the grasshopper on the tree branch)? I was pretty happy with it, so I thought I would share. If you are interested you can see some of my other challenge photos here.

If anyone is interested in photography – I can recommend the on-line course I am doing; it is very reasonably priced and I have learnt quite a lot; not just about taking photos, but how to edit them as well. It is run by Ricky Tims and you can find more information here.

A bird of prey?

A bird of prey?

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