The countdown is on!

It’s time for me to get excited! The countdown has begun in earnest for our trip to Ireland.

I am just about sorted, packed and ready to go. Packing has been difficult – I am expecting quite a bit of rain and it’s going to be much cooler than it is here in north Texas at the moment. We will be going from high 90’sF to 60 or maybe 70F temperatures (mid 30’s to teen temps in Celsius). Anyway, what I don’t pack I can buy there – that will be my excuse for doing some shopping. 

 As I love everything Celtic, Ireland is a dream trip for me. I am looking forward to all the historical sites, the pubs, the live music, the art, the culture, the scenery, the castles, oh, the list goes on! 

We leave from DFW airport tomorrow evening and fly to Dublin via London. I plan to hit the ground running with a visit to Trinity college (the book of Kells) and Dublin castle high on my list of must dos. I pretty much have an idea of what I want to see and do and have planned our trip accordingly. After a couple of days in Dublin, we are driving ourselves anti clockwise around the island with our first stop being Belfast. We will explore as much as I can fit in in the 3 weeks we will be there. Happy times for me!

Stay tuned – I will be posting our adventures as we go!

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