Merry Christmas

Have you noticed that Christmas is upon us? Really, how could you miss it, there are reminders everywhere. As a result, I have been thinking a lot about Christmas lately and seeing all the hype and “joy” about, promoting happy families and good times it had me wondering how it affects people and how they celebrate (or not). The northern hemisphere celebrates a wintery Christmas, quite different to the summer Christmas the southern hemisphere experiences. I sort of envy the northern hemisphere where it’s chilly and white – a picture, postcard traditional Christmas. However, Christmas in the south can still be wonderful. You can sometimes even find Santa on the beach!

What does Christmas mean for you?
Is Christmas the season of cheer, merriment, fun, silliness with friends and family? Or is it a time of loneliness or sadness? It is easy to forget that for some, Christmas is a difficult time of year, whether they are alone, suffering illness, mourning the absence of a loved one or are missing family who are in another time zone; there are countless reasons really.

NYC_Christmas_NutcrackerI am one that finds Christmas a difficult time of year. I have not been fortunate enough to have my own children, so don’t have my own little family Christmas that most people enjoy. I have fantasized about having a full on Christmas, with a huge tree, presents all around, all the decorations, a big table beautifully set for a wonderful lunch with family. But that will never happen for me. At one point, I actually started trying to ignore Christmas; I didn’t decorate or put up a tree. However, I have come to realize, there really are no rules for Christmas; it can be whatever you want it to make it. So at Christmas, I swallow my sadness, put on a brave face and try to enjoy what I have; because even though it’s not what I would wish for, I am still grateful (honestly), for what I have. Last year we went to New York City to celebrate and the year before that we were in Cairns and spent the day snorkeling on The Great Barrier Reef. Pretty good really!


This year things are a little different.  When I was still in the US, I was looking forward to another northern hemisphere Christmas this year – I even bought decorations and was ready to decorate for the season. However, since our stay in the US was unexpectedly cut short and we returned to a hot Australian summer, Christmas seems to have lost a little of it’s sparkle this year and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas ought to. Maybe it has something to do with not being in our own home and still not having our goods with us, with them all still being in transit or in storage. Anyway, I am looking forward to a better Christmas next year, without the stresses that recent events have brought us this year. And I hope that your Christmas is everything you want it to be!


I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy Christmas and that 2016 brings all that you desire! free-vintage-santa-clipart-jolly-with-holly


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