Newcastle, seeing change!

Anyone who lives in or around Newcastle knows the city is undergoing something of a transformation.

Newcastle has been re-inventing and improving itself for years now, since the closure of BHP, and the local catch phrase is “Newcastle – see change“. It has been a great thing, the city has evolved to be seen as more than the blue-collar, working class, industrial steel town that it once was. Newcastle is a vibrant, diverse, exciting city, with great restaurants, beaches, cafes, live performances, open spaces, galleries, markets, shopping,  history and definitely worth a visit. But it’s polish is fading a bit just lately.

I love the city of my birth and the place I always return to and currently choose to call home. At the moment it is not an easy place to live. There is a huge amount of construction going on in this city and has been for quite some time now. It seems like the whole city is a construction zone, with the majority of Hunter Street (the main road through the city) blocked to vehicular traffic and many side streets closed completely or partially. It is all beginning to take it’s toll, since it is extremely difficult to get into the city and parking is extremely limited visitor numbers are well down; many businesses are having to relocate or close down completely. It’s sad, and very frustrating. I’m sure it will be wonderful when it’s finished, but at the moment that seems like a long way off.

I participate in a photography challenge class, and this weeks challenge was “street scene”. Great!I knew exactly what I wanted, so on a very chilly morning I walked along Hunter Street and captured some images of what’s happening in my home town.

Here’s what I saw:


In the background is the very modern, recently completed building for the University of Newcastle, while in front of it sits the Civic Theatre, dating from 1929. The old and the new!


Hunter Street near Courthouse


Light rail construction works along Hunter Street near the courthouse.


Construction works along Hunter Street, near Darby Street.


Darby Street & Hunter Street intersection


Hunter Street near Crown Street

Hunter Street near Brown Street

Change is a constant in life, and we have to weather the bad to see some improvement; let’s hope it’s not too long in coming!