About Me

So, a little background. Originally from Newcastle, NSW in Australia, we are currently living in Sherman, Texas, USA. Why? Andrew (my husband) was transferred with his work to their manufacturing plant in Denison (north Texas) to help out with design and construction of a new mining drill required for Australia. This has been a bit of a culture shock – coming from a large, coastal city to a somewhat rural area of northern Texas – we have noticed many differences and have enjoyed some new experiences. So, I thought I would write about them and share them with whom-ever is interested.

And who am I?

My name is Catherine Wright and I was born in Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia, although I have lived in a number of different places within NSW and Victoria. My husband Andrew and I don’t tend to stay in one place too long – and we like to explore. As kids, we both moved quite a few times with our families, so perhaps it is no wonder we are a bit  nomadic. For the most part we have lived in Newcastle (it is, after all, a great place to live and I am proud it is my home town), however, we like to travel and gain new experiences which resulted in us living in New Zealand for 3 and a bit years. Although we haven’t travelled too extensively, together we have visited Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand and New Caledonia (and I have also been to England and Scotland). There are still so many more places we want to see. The USA was not high on our ‘to do’ list, but having now lived here, I can say it has much to offer.

Before coming to America I worked in a pathology laboratory in the area of microbiology. I have worked in this field since leaving high school and attained a Bachelor of Science whilst working as a trainee in a local Newcastle laboratory. Since then I have also attained a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology and a Graduate Diploma in Health Services Management. So now I find myself with lots of time on my hands.

When I am not working, besides travelling, I love anything that is celtic in origin – be it music, art or literature. I even dabble with playing the harp sometimes! I also love being creative – my interests include card-making, sewing (cross-stitch mainly) and reading (a great way to escape); but I especially like photography and writing. So, I thought I might combine my love of travel with my enjoyment of writing and photography and take a huge leap and step forth into the world of blogging!

Overlooking Newcastle to the south from Nobby's Lighthouse

Overlooking Newcastle to the south from Nobby’s Lighthouse

rusty barn in Cornfield, Sherman, Texas

rusty barn in Cornfield, Sherman, Texas


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We have enjoyed getting to know Catherine and Andrew- so much. They are fun and very interesting. I like to spend “girl time” with Catherine. We have a lot of fun with the language “barrier”. Andrew commented that he thought this was an English speaking country. We Texans can use a lot of words you won’t find in a dictionary! We will miss them when they return to Australia.


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