A Rare Event for Lake Texoma

I just had to do a quick post about events at Denison Dam/Lake Texoma today.

Lake Texoma (a great recreational lake which also produces hydroelectric power) sits on the border of Texas and Oklahoma and is formed by Denison Dam on the Red River. Today, a rare event occurred…

Before I left to go to Australia back in April, Lake Texoma was at a reasonably low level – a below average 613ft (we have had drought conditions in Texoma for a while). Whilst I was away there has been quite a lot of rain, so much so that the dam breached its spillway today for just the 4th time since it was completed in 1944.

The Floodgates at Denison Dam

The Floodgates at Denison Dam – May 23, 2015

Yesterday we went to have a look at the floodgates of Denison Dam (Lake Texoma), the water was raging, but the dam hadn’t spilled over yet.

The Dry Spillway at Denison Dam - May23, 2015

The Dry Spillway at Denison Dam – May 23, 2015

Today we went back to take a look at the water flowing over the spillway. The water level reached approximately 640ft at 4am this morning and made it’s way over the dam wall.

The Spillway in full flow at Denison Dam - May 24, 2015

The Spillway in full flow at Denison Dam – May 24, 2015

A great sight to see – so much so, there were hundreds of people there to observe this rare event, clogging the roads and car parks around the dam (it took us about 3/4hr to get over the dam wall, have a look and then get back again – ordinarily, this might take 10 minutes).

Also good to see was the Red River, which is now a full-flowing river from bank to bank, rather than the meandering patchy streams it resembled not too long ago.

The local TV news has been reporting on it for the past week. This is what they reported.