Decisions and Road kill!

The following quote caught my attention for 2 reasons:

  1. It certainly pertains to me – at times my decision making skills frustrate even me!, and
  2. It made me think of the American critters that often end up as road kill (squirrels being one of them).


Have you ever seen a squirrel cross the street? squirrel

I have – whilst driving the car – and I am sorry to admit, it did not end well for the squirrel. I had slowed down as I could see the squirrel on the side of the road, and after dallying for some time, he made it to the middle of the road (by this stage, I thought I could move on), however, he suddenly changed his mind and darted back to where he started – he didn’t make it!

So, not being able to make a decision and stick to it can result in dire consequences! This is something I need to keep in mind (although most of my decisions are not a matter of life and death). I know that my indecisiveness comes from a fear of failure; but really, most people probably don’t really care what decision I make – so just make a decision and move forward. Hopefully I am learning and getting better at it – but that is my problem and I digress.

What led me to write this blog post was the thought of squirrels and other little American critters I have encountered whilst here – particularly the ones that are not in Australia. For example (besides the squirrels), I have seen skunks, armadillos, badgers and racoons; most often it is as roadkill however! There are also plenty of turtles that end up squished on the road at certain times of the year around where we live.

Armadillos generally come out around dusk, have very poor eyesight and don’t move quickly enough to avoid a car, so often end up squashed on the road. I have only seen 1 live armadillo since being here. Skunks too are often encountered roadside and your olfactory system will alert you of their presence well before your eyesight will! Have you encountered the rather unique odour of a skunk? It is definitely a smell that assaults you and one you cannot mistake!

I don’t think most Americans realise that in Australia we do not have skunks, squirrels, armadillos or racoons. We do, however, have our own unique variety of critters that end up as roadkill; foxes, Tasmanian Devils (in Tassie), possums, wombats and kangaroos (which can do quite a bit of damage to your car if you hit one) – and yes, I have personal experience with that one also! At least, for the most part, American wildlife (here in Texas anyway) won’t require a panel beater for your car (although I am sure hitting a deer, elk or similar would not end well for the car either).

Please share your experiences and comment below – I would love to hear about it! 🙂

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